Since its foundation over a quarter of a century ago Bahadir has developed top of the line medical equipment distributed to dozens of countries. Our research, development and engineering teams have worked tirelessly to respond to market demand and competition.


Since its foundation over a quarter of a century ago Bahadir has responded to the marketplace and competition by building up its research and development engineering workforce and developing new products together with other departments in Bahadir.

Manufacturer of quality sterilization container systems & accessories

BAHADIR USA designs & manufactures sterilization container systems. Our containers are FDA-cleared, our facility is ISO certified & aligned with ISO-13485-2016 & FDA/UDI guidelines. We have been developing innovative, sustainable, cost-effective, efficient and regulatory-compliant products for the healthcare industry for more than 25 years.

A 17,000 square foot design & manufacturing GMP compliant facility with a 510K-cleared sterilization containment system, we provide you with superior products, support and service. We offer guidance related to forecasting for your clientele where we retain local inventory on your behalf for commonly ordered stock containers, lids, baskets & accessories thus eliminating backorders and lengthy lead times.

BAHADIR USA has an unwavering commitment to excellence in quality, service, compliance and innovation. View our Products and Catalogs above. Contact Us for more information.

Sterilization Container Systems

Bahadir uses a high-quality aluminum sheet and advanced production techniques to reduce associated maintenance costs and provide users a long term usage.

Type and Size Variations

What We Offer

Containers are offered in a vast array of types and sizes to meet the specific sterilization needs of your customers & users. Varied height, width and length options are available for all surgical instrument needs, sterilization set ups & and facility preferences.

Containers are designed to hold surgical sets for sterilization as well as to maintain the sterility of instruments during transportation and storage.

Our extensive product line includes a wide selection of accessories such as wire baskets, perforated trays, silicone mats, textile products, ID tags, and labels.

Lid & Base Specs

Perforated and Non-Perforated Container Options

Bahadir Sterilization Containers are suitable for a variety of sterilization needs. Users can choose a perforated lid with a non-perforated base for pre-vacuum and post-vacuum cycles, or a perforated base.

The safety lids provide impact protection and prevent contamination during both storage and transport.

The disposable paper filter provides ultimate protection and prevents microorganisms from entering the container after sterilization. The filter retainer is manufactured from ASIS / SAE 304 (1.4301) quality stainless steel sheet.

Sterilization Container Systems & Accessories

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