A wide range of accessories are available for BAHADIR USA sterile container systems and wire baskets. We have accessories for ensuring the appropriate configuration/assembly to organize and protect valuable surgical instruments, for identifying surgical sets, and for customizing baskets to the specific criteria of the end user. These accessories also serve to eliminate costly, time consuming & wasteful sterilization wrap products.

With so many options, we invite you to let us help you set up your end users’ customized solutions.  Our representatives are trained to assist you in this process to simplify ordering & welcome your questions & inquiries.

Container Accessories
Wire Basket & Perforated Tray

Surgical accessories are manufactured with a 100% protection focus on the products you want to keep inside with their entirely durable casing and structures. There are many privileges that our carefully produced storage accessories provide you. The first of the privileges provided by our enclosure-oriented accessory products is that they are available in sizes suitable for your every need. At the same time, our standard containers have five different heights. It is also multi-functional and designed for the use of diverse surgical sets. Designed using a high-quality aluminum sheet, our products provide a low-cost and high-quality service while providing surgical protection. On the other hand, all our accessories are manufactured with maximum resistance to external factors. Our varied accessories ensure that your surgical product protection requirements are addressed to the greatest extent possible.

Container Accessories

The sterilization containers that we produce are used for the storage of surgical equipment and surgical products used in treatment processes. Containers provide robust protection against both external factors that will cause a violation of sterilization and possible impacts. Some of the features of container accessories are as follows:
  • Containers are designed using a lid and a box part, which provides practicality in opening and closing and makes it possible to use them for a long time.
  • The box heights vary between 100 mm-260 mm
  • There are five container options of different heights, with different cover colors. This prevents problems such as confusion about the products and increases the efficiency in an aesthetic sense.

Perforated Tray Accessories

Hybrid baskets and perforated trades are designed to be sealed. Products that provide powerful protection during transportation and movement have a lock structure provided with silicone and stainless steel filter holders. Perforated trays have two different sizes, mini and dental. The mini-model has a format of 270x123x45 mm, while the dental model has a format of 270x170x50 mm. There are also two different sizes of the optical model perforated tray. On the inside of the visual model, there are silicone holders. These silicone holders ensure that the product you are storing remains constant, while also preventing any deterioration in the box during transportation

Wire Basket

There are multiple wire baskets to suit your needs. Wire baskets have mesh dimensions that vary from 2x2 and 6x6 mm. Wire baskets can be utilized for a variety of surgical purposes due to their various dimensions. There are also wire basket models with different heights for different types of needs. Our wire basket models include optical wire baskets. This model, which has silicone holders with corners and holes inside, has a large mesh size. It is also produced from surgical steel. For detailed specifications of extremely convenient and maximally protected surgical transport accessories, you can check out the product catalogs on our site.